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Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Free agent Paul Pierce has agreed to a three-year deal with the Clippers, league sources tells Yahoo Sports.
@WojYahooNBA | | 8h | Score: 974

Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Pierce's three-year deal with Clippers will earn him nearly $10M, league source tells Yahoo Sports.
@WojYahooNBA | | 8h | Score: 370

Dan Woike - Orange County Register, Sportswriter
#Clippers have agreed to a deal with Paul Pierce, per NBA source
@DanWoikeSports | | 8h | Score: 235

Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Sources: If the Clippers can keep DeAndre Jordan, team officials with growing confidence they'll lure Paul Pierce to $3.4M exception.
@WojYahooNBA | | 10h | Score: 219

Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Yahoo Sources: Free agent Paul Pierce reaches deal the Clippers.
@WojYahooNBA | | 8h | Score: 183

Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Yahoo Sources: The Nets have agreements now: Thad Young (4 years, $50M) and Brook Lopez (3 years, $60M). Both deals w/ player option.
@WojYahooNBA | | 16h | Score: 183

David Aldridge - TNT, NBA Reporter
Wished I was wrong, but wasn't: Paul Pierce agrees to three-year deal with Clippers, per sources.
@daldridgetnt | | 8h | Score: 155

Bill Barnwell -, Sportswriter
Paul Pierce has been in the NBA since you were in seventh grade. Doesn’t matter how old you are.
@billbarnwell | | 8h | Score: 147
1435792711 - NBA News and Updates
Paul Pierce Will Reportedly Sign 3-Year Deal With Los Angeles Clippers Details:
@SLAMonline | | 8h | Score: 86

Marc J. Spears - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Wizards offered Paul Pierce 2-year deal paying $6.6M next season w/team option for 2nd season, source said. Helps in KDurant chase next year
@SpearsNBAYahoo | | 13h | Score: 80

Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
The third year on Pierce's contract is a team option, source says.
@WojYahooNBA | | 8h | Score: 72

Steve Aschburner -, NBA Writer
For perspective on today's NBA free-agent frenzy, Kevin Garnett's landmark 6yr/$126M deal in 1998, adj. for inflation, would be 6yr/$183M .
@AschNBA | | 7h | Score: 71

Royce Young -, NBA Writer
Picturing a Thunder-Clippers playoff series where Paul Pierce tries to guard Kevin Durant for 40 minutes.
@royceyoung | | 8h | Score: 71

David Aldridge - TNT, NBA Reporter
Pierce deal is at the mini-mid level for taxpaying teams, per sources. Two years beginning at $3.3, with option for third year.
@daldridgetnt | | 8h | Score: 62

David Aldridge - TNT, NBA Reporter
Three-year deal is worth about $10.5 million, though I doubt Pierce will ever see that third year. Tough blow for Wizards.
@daldridgetnt | | 8h | Score: 56

Trey Kerby -, Sportswriter
If your favorite team plays the Clippers in the playoffs, Paul Pierce will hit a game-winner and say this is why they brought him here. FYI.
@treykerby | | 8h | Score: 50

John Schuhmann -, NBA Writer
With Pierce in L.A., the Clippers will somehow beat the Raptors in the first round of the playoffs.
@johnschuhmann | | 7h | Score: 48

Trey Kerby -, Sportswriter
Remember when it was hard to imagine Paul Pierce wearing anything other than a Celtics jersey? Life moves fast.
@treykerby | | 7h | Score: 44
1435796991 - Sports News and Updates
Paul Pierce Agrees To Sign With Clippers:
@RealGM | | 8h | Score: 44

Arash Markazi -, Sportswriter
Paul Pierce will be making about $3.37 million per season with the Clippers. He could have made twice that in Washington but is coming home.
@ArashMarkazi | | 8h | Score: 42

TWEETS, Sports News and Updates
Paul Pierce turns down Wizards' offer to sign with Clippers and reunite with Doc Rivers.
@PostSports | | 2h

Mark Medina, L.A Daily News, Lakers Beat Writer
NBA free agency: Clippers, Paul Pierce agree to a three-year deal
@MarkG_Medina | | 2h

Jason Smith, NFL Network, Sports Reporter
Why is Paul Pierce the biggest free agent signing so far? Because he should vault the Clippers into the NBA Finals next year.
@howaboutafresca | | 2h

Jason Jones, Sacramento Bee, Sportswriter
Yes the Kings can take on a big contract (like Deron Williams), too. More flexibility for sure.
@mr_jasonjones | | 2h
1435814241, News and Updates
I believe Vivek Ranadive is the new Mikhail Prokhorov. Vlade Divac is the new Billy King and Kings the new Nets. Bless you all.
@NetsDaily | | 4h

Tim Reynolds, Associated Press, Sportswriter
Wow. Just realized "I called game" was Paul Pierce's last win in Washington. If we only knew...
@ByTimReynolds | | 4h
1435807359, NBA News and Updates
Any chance the Kings are unloading cap so they can trade for Deron Williams? Anyone? No? Alright.
@MySportsLegion | | 4h

Mike Mazzeo, ESPN, Sports Reporter
As July 1 nears end, #Nets trying to trade Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young, RHJ, Bojan Bogdanovic are core now.
@MazzESPN | | 5h

Kyle Weidie, ESPN TrueHoop, Wizards Blogger
Will always appreciate Pierce's time w Wizards & can't blame him 4 leaving, but he did sort of reduce himself 2 a mercenary, a good one,
@Truth_About_It | | 5h
1435804004, NBA News and Updates
Free-agent grades for Paul Pierce, Paul Millsap, Tyson Chandler, and more:
@si_nba | | 5h

Zach Harper, CBS Sports, NBA Blogger
Oubre is better and needed without Pierce.
@talkhoops | | 5h

Jeff Lenchiner,, NBA Writer
Paul Pierce to Clippers, Hawks keeping Paul Millsap, Celtics keeping Jonas Jerebko: #NBA
@InsideHoops | | 5h
1435802765, News and Updates
If you want to get technical, Nets have @yungsmoove21 (traded for KG) and @SteveBlake5 (TPE from KG trade) from Boston deal.
@NetsDaily | | 6h

Ben Golliver,, Sportswriter
Grade the deal: Clippers, Paul Pierce agree to 3-year, $10.6 million contract
@BenGolliver | | 6h

Zach Harper, CBS Sports, NBA Blogger
He couldn’t really take Deron Williams’ job. I’m easily at least the D-Will of NBA writing.
@talkhoops | | 6h

Kyle Weidie, ESPN TrueHoop, Wizards Blogger
#Wizards certainly moving 2 other options w Pierce going back 2 Cali, but I can assure you Carlos Boozer is not 1 of them. #KeepCalmCarryOn
@Truth_About_It | | 6h

Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times, Sportswriter
Paul Pierce signing is huge for Clippers...last only works this season if DJ steps away from marathon Mavs lunch to re-sign
@BillPlaschke | | 6h

Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated, Sportswriter
Minor bookkeeping: Thad Young's four-year, $50 mill deal has a fourth year option, per source. No options in Brook Lopez's 3-year, $60 mill.
@ChrisMannixSI | | 6h

David Aldridge, TNT, NBA Reporter
In case you're wondering: Wizards would love David West but know MLE won't be enough unless market dries up--as it did on Pierce last yr.
@daldridgetnt | | 6h

Arash Markazi,, Sportswriter
Many great players have played pro and college basketball in L.A. Paul Pierce may be the greatest to grow up here.
@ArashMarkazi | | 7h


Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
Nah ..they ain't switch up .. they jus showed their true colors --
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
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Reggie Evans, Brooklyn Nets
July 18!!!!!
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Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets
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Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets
Another great show thank you #BETAwards2015
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Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets
Can't wait for Janet Jackson to hit the stage
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Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets
Tori Kelly just killed it singing at BET Awards
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
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Jason Terry, Brooklyn Nets
Can't be more proud of nephew #HardWorkPaysOff #2time
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
your words ... My exact feelings --
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
And what will women be ?
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
I really don't like ppl --
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
I jus don't know what sleep is
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
I don't even want it .. I jus gotta get it -
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
Got mad at it and don't want it no more
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
Word to everything ..don't get in my way right now
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
The movie "gone girl" is legend
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
Damn that a bunch of cool kids ..
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Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets
Fred Hubert kno bout me .. BIG12 work
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