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Warriors x Clippers
@warriorsworld | | 10h | Score: 58

Stephen A Smith - ESPN, Sports Reporter
What the hell did I say @RealSkipBayless @realsk? Huh! What did I say. @CP3 is a super star point guard. Hush your mouth damn it :-)
@stephenasmith | | 15h | Score: 57

Jeff Lenchiner -, NBA Writer
Chris Paul = READY for #NBAPlayoffs
@InsideHoops | | 15h | Score: 53

David Aldridge - TNT, NBA Reporter
Yeah, this is gonna be good. #Clippers #Warriors
@daldridgetnt | | 16h | Score: 37

Stephen A Smith - ESPN, Sports Reporter
Can't deny I'm shocked by @CP3 missing those free throws. But I still believe in that man. I believe in Curry too, though. He's big time
@stephenasmith | | 15h | Score: 36

Stephen A Smith - ESPN, Sports Reporter
Not gonna lie . No way in hell did I see that -- @CP3 missing 2 FT's in the clutch. But I still stand by what I've said about him.
@stephenasmith | | 15h | Score: 33
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@NBA | | 15h | Score: 33

Marc J. Spears - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Warriors fan Will Meldman of SF says he didn't think Blake Griffin purposely threw cup of water on him after fouling out. Kept cup, towel
@SpearsNBAYahoo | | 15h | Score: 32

Marc J. Spears - Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Warriors fan Justin Wolf, who was sitting next to Will Meldman, believes Blake Griffin doused his friend on purpose.
@SpearsNBAYahoo | | 15h | Score: 31

Ben Golliver -, Sportswriter
GIF: Clippers F Blake Griffin douses Warriors fan with water
@BenGolliver | | 15h | Score: 28

ESPN - NBA News and Updates
Blake Griffin was so incredulous at fouling out with 48.3 seconds left that he couldn't finish his water. #GSvsLAC
@ESPNNBA | | 15h | Score: 27
1397945647 - NBA News and Updates
Blake Griffin accidentally pours cup of water on Warriors fan after fouling out (GIF)
@BeyondTheBuzzer | | 15h | Score: 25

J.A. Adande - ESPN, Sports Reporter
To advance, Clippers have to win a game in Oakland, where they haven't won since Dec. 25, 2011 (CP3's 1st game w/them)
@jadande | | 14h | Score: 22

NBA TV - News and Updates
.@StephenCurry30 vs @CP3: See who makes the first statement
@NBATV | | 18h | Score: 22

Marcus Thompson - Bay Area News Group, Sportswriter
Chris Paul has hurt the Clippers all game with his obsession over drawing/reacting to fouls. Cost them again.
@ThompsonScribe | | 15h | Score: 21

J.A. Adande - ESPN, Sports Reporter
That looked good from the moment Jamal Crawford first got the ball.
@jadande | | 17h | Score: 18

Arash Markazi -, Sportswriter
Jamal Crawford with the bank shot beyond halfcourt at the buzzer to end the 1st quarter. Clippers 29, Warriors 24.
@ArashMarkazi | | 17h | Score: 17

J.A. Adande - ESPN, Sports Reporter
Neither Iguodala's 5th nor Chris Paul's 3rd were calls that HAD to be made. Let 'em play.
@jadande | | 16h | Score: 16

Jemele Hill - ESPN, Sportswriter
Chris Paul's playoff record is now 16-25. Bet Cliff Paul has a better record settling insurance claims.
@jemelehill | | 13h | Score: 15

TWEETS, News and Updates
Did I hear right? Blake Griffin waterboarded a fan in LA!?
@NetsDaily | | 52m
1397999017, NBA News and Updates
Blake Griffin poured water on a Warriors fan. It did not look like an accident. /
@sn_nba | | 1h

Dime Magazine, NBA News and Updates
Video: Blake Griffin Dumps Cup of Water on Warriors Fan
@DimeMag | | 2h

Aaron Bruski,, NBA Writer
Glen Davis alone was responsible for 12-16 points on personal defensive lapses. So glaring that one could actually call that the ballgame.
@aaronbruski | | 2h

Aaron Bruski,, NBA Writer
Good news for Clippers fans though is that everything that could go wrong went wrong and the game went down to the wire.
@aaronbruski | | 2h

Aaron Bruski,, NBA Writer
Namely, they took advantage of deficiencies with Glen Davis, Jamal Crawford, J.J. Redick and crossmatched guys the right way.
@aaronbruski | | 2h
1397992772, Sports News and Updates
Awesome thread from a Clippers forum listing the ways the refs screwed them today
@warriorsworld | | 6h

Arash Markazi,, Sportswriter
Chris Paul is not about to dwell on tough finish of Saturday's Game 1 loss.
@ArashMarkazi | | 7h
1397976064, Sports News and Updates
The HB block then Wing 3 to take the lead for good reminded me of the JRich block then Matt Barnes 3 to seal Game 1 vs Dallas.
@warriorsworld | | 8h

Aaron Bruski,, NBA Writer
Granger was struggling this year in IND, but going back to his film was eye-opening. He’s hand-over-fist better than Turner and not close.
@aaronbruski | | 8h

Matt Moore,, Senior NBA Blogger
.... um.... the Clippers were +17.8 per 100 possessions with Chris Paul on the floor. With him off, for 12 minutes... they were MINUS 40.4.
@HPbasketball | | 8h

Matt Moore,, Senior NBA Blogger
In the 19 minutes he was on the floor, the Clippers were 34.6 points per 100 possessions better than the Warriors. So yeah. Big fouls.
@HPbasketball | | 8h

Matt Moore,, Senior NBA Blogger
For 22 minutes when Draymond Green was on the floor SAturday, the might Clippers offense had a 78.5 offensive rating.
@HPbasketball | | 8h
1397971112, News and Updates
@NBA | | 8h

S.J Mercury News, Warriors News and Updates
New low in self-awareness: Clippers fans complaining about unfair calls from the refs. #stopflopping
@GSWFastBreak | | 8h

Golden St. Warriors, Offical Twitter Account
PHOTOS from today's Game 1 victory over the Clippers: | Recap: #BeatLA
@warriors | | 8h

Haralabos Voulgaris,, NBA Writer
Blake Griffin played 19 minutes. Doc fouled him out for the entire 1h, he only “actually” fouled out with 1:30 left in 4q.
@haralabob | | 9h

Chris Palmer, ESPN, NBA Insider
LOTN (honorable mention): @CP3 28 pts, 8 asts, 7 rebs, 4 stls, 10-23 FG, 5-9 3FG, L
@ChrisPalmerNBA | | 9h

Kevin Ding, Bleacher Report, Lakers Beat Writer
Alpha male @CP3 sends a message to go-to guy @blakegriffin32. My column from Warriors-Clippers at Staples:
@KevinDing | | 9h

Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
Clippers forward Blake Griffin had a good seat for much of a Game 1 loss to the Warriors. #NBA #Clippers #Warriors
@SpearsNBAYahoo | | 10h


Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers
Head up always, never too high or too low.. On to the next one.. #ClipperNation
@JCrossover | | 14h | Score: 22

Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers
Let's do this...
@JCrossover | | 22h | Score: 12

Jared Dudley, Los Angeles Clippers
Playoffs tomorrow?!!!!!!!!!! Who's ready?!!!!!!!!!!! #cantwait
@JaredDudley619 | | 1d | Score: 0

Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers
Wish there was some nba games on 2nite..
@JCrossover | | 1d | Score: 0

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers
It's Time...
@deandrejordan | | 1d | Score: 0

Maalik Wayns, Los Angeles Clippers
They told me I couldn't that's why I did
@MaalikWayns2 | | 1d | Score: 0

Maalik Wayns, Los Angeles Clippers
It's ppl in this world no matter how much u do for them it's never enough family or not ppl like that no good!!!
@MaalikWayns2 | | 2d | Score: 0

Maalik Wayns, Los Angeles Clippers
One day at a time GM world!!!
@MaalikWayns2 | | 2d | Score: 0

Jared Dudley, Los Angeles Clippers
Can't wait to watch Scandal!!! Not really lol but it is the season finale!!
@JaredDudley619 | | 2d | Score: 0

Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers
Everyone has a gift, don't ever disrespect the gift that God gave you..
@JCrossover | | 2d | Score: 0

Ryan Hollins, Los Angeles Clippers
Check out how sonos hooked me up to watch the big game. Watch and read the full story on…
@TheRyanHollins | | 2d | Score: 0

Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers
Lil’ Chris loves to dress like me so I got him his own pair of kicks. #WornToAssist #FutureOfTheAssist
@CP3 | | 2d | Score: 0

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers
A10: Yep!I love Rockin’ Refuel Muscle Builder for that extra protein.I gotta hide it from my team.That’s 1 thing I won’t share! #rockinchat
@deandrejordan | | 2d | Score: 0

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers
A9: Gym, cardio, weights, recovery. I always grab a strawberry Rockin’ Refuel post-workout. Tastes great & makes me feel great #rockinch
@deandrejordan | | 2d | Score: 0

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers
A8: Slow motion forsure. With "I believe I Can Fly" playing in the background. #rockinchat
@deandrejordan | | 2d | Score: 0

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers
A4: Keeping a healthy diet is key! Rockin’ Refuel gives me the protein I need for building & rebuilding muscles on the go. #rockinchat
@deandrejordan | | 2d | Score: 0

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers
A2: Always work hard in school and never give up on your dreams. Set goals and don’t stop until you’ve reached them. #rockinchat
@deandrejordan | | 2d | Score: 0

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers
A1: I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember! Since I was about 6 years old. #rockinchat
@deandrejordan | | 2d | Score: 0

Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers
Listening to this Future/ Dre 3000 cut. I just laugh every time I hear 3stacks rap... #hesthatgood
@JCrossover | | 2d | Score: 0

Matt Barnes, Los Angeles Clippers
Time to go to work... Playoff prep.. Clips vs Dubs this is wat y'all been waiting for!!! #Clips
@Matt_Barnes22 | | 2d | Score: 0