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Joe Person: Steph Curry with Cam Newton in a happy Panthers locker room

Reported by Joe Person: Charlotte Observer, Panthers Beat
>> Posted at 7:44 pm EST, Sun, November 10th, 2013
Retroactive Stephen Curry updates from 12:57 pm EST to 7:44 pm EST

Charlotte Observer's Joe Person tweeted "Steph Curry with Cam Newton in a happy Panthers locker room". In related news, Matt Steinmetz of tweeted "Curry disciples absolutely right he makes difference if he plays Spurs' game. Such as, no chance GSW holds Spurs to 76".

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Images
Retroactive Stephen Curry updates from 9:37 pm EST to 9:56 pm EST

Commercial Appeal's Geoff Calkins tweeted "Griz up after three, 90-77. Nick Calathes going behind his back to lose Steph Curry the highlight". In related news, Marcus Thompson of Bay Area News Group tweeted "Curry accidentally caught Tony Allen with a shot to the face. Didn't look like the apology mattered much to Tony tho".

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Images
Retroactive Stephen Curry updates from 9:04 pm EST to 9:11 pm EST

S.F Chronicle's Rusty Simmons tweeted "Memphis 54, Warriors 50 (half) The Warriors went on a 10-0 run in the half's final 2:48 to salvage a bad frame. Curry 17 pts, Lee 12 pts". Additionally, WarriorsWorld's Ethan Strauss tweeted "Steph Curry just puppeteered Tony Allen".

Retroactive Stephen Curry updates from 8:30 pm EST to 8:41 pm EST

Warriors Broadcaster's Tim Roye tweeted "End of 1 in Memphis, Grizz 32 GSW 29, W's shooting 58.8% but trail because of 6 turnovers Curry has 9, Lee&Andre 7 each, Randolph has 12". S.F Chronicle's Rusty Simmons also tweeted: Nick Calathes checks in for Mike Conley, and Mark Jackson immediately calls Elbow 1. Curry dances and shoots over Calathes out of the post.

Retroactive Stephen Curry updates from 8:26 pm EST to 8:26 pm EST

Warriors Broadcaster's Tim Roye tweeted "Curry looks good 7 pts 2 assists, GSW 15 Mem 15 547 left 1st qtr". In related news, Rusty Simmons of S.F Chronicle tweeted "Warriors 15, Memphis 14 (5:47, 1st) Curry 7 pts/2 ast/0 ankle problems, Lee 4 pts; Randolph 4 pts/3 reb, Conley 2 personal fouls".

Marcus Thompson, Bay Area News Group, Sportswriter
Stephen Curry: "They don't get two wins for beating us that bad."
@ThompsonScribe | | 1h

Ethan Strauss, WarriorsWorld, NBA Writer
Basically I said Steph Curry is Brett Favre and Chris Paul is Peyton Manning
@SherwoodStrauss | | 2h

Isaac Lowenkron, Fox Sports Radio, Anchor
Steph Curry in 3rd quarter of Game 2: 20 PTS 8-11 FG. Rest of series: 18 PTS 7-22 FG #Clippers #Warriors #NBA #Playoffs
@isaaclowenkron | | 2h

Ethan Strauss, WarriorsWorld, NBA Writer
Steph Curry and Chris Paul are really different as people, point guards
@SherwoodStrauss | | 4h

Dan Woike, Orange County Register, Sportswriter
Chris Paul says he'll be ready to keep chasing Steph Curry (FREE)
@DanWoikeSports | | 16h
1398316316, Warriors News and Updates
NBA refs to Curry: You're no superstar: Through the first two games of the Warriors-Clippers pl... #WarriorsTalk
@CSNWarriors | | 22h

Jason McIntyre,, Sports Reporter
John Wall and Brad Beal or Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry? Which is the Best Young Backcourt in the NBA?
@jasonrmcintyre | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
If you play Curry more at two, it means more running, navigating, cutting through screens for Chris Paul and his bad hammy.
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Scott Howard-Cooper,, Sportswriter
ICYMI: Time for Stephen Curry to take over. The #Clippers know it and Curry seemed to realize it during Game 2.
@SHowardCooper | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
Tons of tweets about Curry needing to shoot more, pass less, stop deferring, get selfish, etc. Those decisions supposed to be essence of PG.
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Brad Turner, Los Angeles Times, Clippers Beat Writer
diamond83: Draymond Green to KNBR watching Stephen Curry repeatedly take contact from the Clips: "It pissed me off, and we'll remember that.
@BA_Turner | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
I think there's use for something like Blake, Curry, K.Thompson, Iguodala/Barnes, Lee/other big. Has that been used?
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
I'd like some Blake, alongside Curry right now. Especially if you're asking KT to defend like this. Take minutes from Iggy/HB/D.Green.
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
If Curry star/superstar, should you have to worry about "getting shots" for him? FGAs usually not issue for truly elite.
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
If I'm playing against Warriors/Curry and I see 8-for-10 from 2-pt range; 1-for-7 from 3-point, I'm ecstatic. GSW must change that.
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
Looks like LAC trying to make make Curry play inside arc & limit/take away kick-out options. That makes sense. Best you can do.
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
Curry did great job finishing at rim in 2nd half, but if your LAC that beats him shooting 3s or passing to 3-pt shooters, right?
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Tim Kawakami, Mercury News, Sportswriter
All eyes on Steph Curry, the Warriors’ adjustments, and when passing it to open teammates is a lesser option: ...
@timkawakami | | 1d

Matt Steinmetz,, Warriors Reporter
When Curry went to bucket in third quarter, did he figure something out or were Clips less committed to contain up 25-30?
@SteinmetzNBA | | 1d

Tim Kawakami, Mercury News, Sportswriter
Remember the slam-screen Bogut put on Iguodala in last year? Steph Curry could sure use something like that:
@timkawakami | | 1d