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Reported by Adrian Wojnarowski: Yahoo! Sports, NBA Writer
>> Posted at 7:16 pm EST, Sun, December 8th, 2013
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TNT's David Aldridge tweeted "Only guaranteed $ Raps have in '15 in deal is Hayes ($5.9M). Can clear $14.5M by declining options/qualifying offers 4 PP, Vasquez, Salmons".'s Tom Ziller also tweeted: Raptors fans are going to be cheering their tails off until Johnny Salmons is mysteriously getting 28 minutes per game.

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Yahoo! Sports's Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted "Sacramento will send John Salmons, Vasquez, Patterson and Hayes to the Raptors, sources tell Yahoo Sports". Additionally, Locked on Sports's David Locke tweeted "Gay is making a little over 17 million - Kings Thorton highest paid at 8 million, Salmons is at 7, Hayes and Thompson at 6, Patterson at 3".

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Retroactive John Salmons updates from 7:12 pm EST to 7:14 pm EST tweeted "Salmons partially guaranteed next year. $1M on $7M". Additionally,'s John Schuhmann tweeted "Not a lot of expiring $ on the Kings' payroll. Gotta figure Salmons (only guaranteed $1M next season) is involved".

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National Post's Eric Koreen tweeted "Here is the Kings salaries: You would have to start with Thornton and Salmons, I imagine".'s Aaron Bruski also tweeted: Salmons on to cover Hayward. It’s certainly not for his 1-of-8 mark from the field.

Retroactive John Salmons updates from 9:52 pm EST to 10:58 pm EST's Aaron Bruski tweeted "So I’m not going to look before guessing, but I’m thinking Salmons and Thornton are about 5-of-24 tonight".'s Aaron Bruski also tweeted: John Salmons may as well lay down on the floor and put cones around himself when on D. Light some candles. Eat a sandwich.