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Colin Kaepernick Sportswriter Tweet Stream

Reported by Matt Barrows: Sacramento Bee, 49ers Beat Writer
>> Posted at 10:43 am EDT, Sun, July 28th, 2013
Retroactive Colin Kaepernick updates from 9:22 pm EDT to 10:43 am EDT

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Images
Retroactive Colin Kaepernick updates from 6:53 pm EDT to 9:10 pm EDT

The Offical Twitter Account of the San Francisco 49ers tweeted "49ers QB @Kaepernick7 continues to display his growing chemistry with TE @VernonDavis85". Additionally, Bay Area News Group's Cam Inman tweeted "49ers practice update: WR Kyle Williams appeared to tweak right hamstring while making a 40-yard TD catch of Kaepernick pass vs Eric Ried".

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Images
Tim Kawakami, Mercury News, Sportswriter
Kaepernick, Roman and Harbaugh: How they’re all tied together (and how they’re not) in the 49ers’ upcoming ser...
@timkawakami | | 2h

Eric Branch, S.F Chronicle, 49ers Beat Writer
#49ers Colin Kaepernick has 9 INTs on 146 pass attempts vs. #Seahawks. He has 15 INTs on other 1,031 career attempts.
@Eric_Branch | | 4h
1417207819, NFL News and Updates
Colin Kaepernick in Week 13: 121 yards, 2 INTs, 36.7 QBR. Why did he struggle vs. Seattle?
@nfl | | 4h

ESPN, NFL News and Updates
Deep threat nonexistent for Colin Kaepernick
@ESPN_NFLNation | | 6h
1417198185, Sports News and Updates
Shots fired! Richard Sherman explained why Colin Kaepernick kept passing him the ball.
@sportingnews | | 7h

Matt Maiocco, Comcast SportsNet, NFL Insider
#49ers QB Colin Kaepernick: "If your quarterback doesn’t play well, it’s going to be hard for you to win
@MaioccoCSN | | 8h

Michael David Smith,, Managing Editor
Most rush yards for QBs 1 Wilson 679 2 Kaepernick 353 3 Newton 293 4 Tannehill 276 5 Bortles 228 6 Luck 193 7 Smith 191 8 Rodgers 178
@MichaelDavSmith | | 8h

Cam Inman, Bay Area News Group, 49ers Beat Writer
#Seahawks Richard Sherman intercepted Colin Kaepernick twice, possible third off his hands. "I was the open man."
@CamInman | | 8h

Larry Brown,, NBA Blogger
Richard Sherman: I was the open man for Colin Kaepernick
@LBSports | | 8h
1417191419, NFL News and Updates
Richard Sherman takes jabs at Kaepernick, 49ers fans #NFL #Seahawks #49ers
@TheRedzoneorg | | 8h

Dave Hyde, Miami Sun-Sentinel, Sportswriter
Whose stock has fallen further of late - Colin Kaepernick's or Jim Harbaugh's?
@davehydesports | | 9h
1417189096, NFL News and Updates
Seahawks still have Kaepernick's number
@ProFootballTalk | | 9h

Michael David Smith,, Managing Editor
In Kaepernick's 5 starts vs Seattle (counting playoffs) he has completed 77 of 146 passes for 820 yards, with 3 TDs and 9 INTs.
@MichaelDavSmith | | 10h

Michael David Smith,, Managing Editor
Colin Kaepernick has only thrown more than 1 interception in a game 4 times. Three of those four were vs. Seattle.
@MichaelDavSmith | | 10h

Tim Kawakami, Mercury News, Sportswriter
Seahawks D is rough on any QB, but yes, Kaepernick absolutely looks lost against them. That is a problem.
@timkawakami | | 10h

San Francisco 49ers, Offical Twitter Account
Colin @Kaepernick7 comments on his Week 13 performance vs.
@49ers | | 11h

Tim Kawakami, Mercury News, Sportswriter
Also, Kaepernick has $12M in de-escalators over the life of the deal. He will not be making $19M per any time soon, if ever.
@timkawakami | | 11h

Tim Kawakami, Mercury News, Sportswriter
For those fretting about Colin Kaepernick's big contract--remember, only $13M of the supposed "$126M deal" is guaranteed. 11% of it.
@timkawakami | | 11h
1417182629, 49ers News and Updates
49ers-Seahawks transcripts: Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick, others react to Thanksgiving loss
@NinersNation | | 11h

Brandon Tierney, CBS Sports Radio, Host
Clearly, the #Niners will dump Harbaugh and keep Kaepernick...but let's be honest: that equation should be reversed.
@BrandonTierney | | 12h