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Reported by Stuart Scott: ESPN, Sportscenter Anchor
>> Posted at 3:14 pm EDT, Wed, June 26th, 2013
New updates from 6:28 pm EDT to 7:00 pm EDT

NFL Network tweeted "The latest on Aaron Hernandez, as well as all the latest news from around the NFL. NFLTotalAccess. Right now". Comcast Sportsnet's Ray Ratto also tweeted: If you're thinking about Aaron Hernandez in terms of football in any way, you're a moron. And if you're a sportswriter, your boss is, too.

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Retroactive updates from 2:58 pm EDT to 3:13 pm EDT tweeted "Judge orders that Aaron Hernandez be held WITHOUT BAIL pending further proceedings". also tweeted "Aaron Hernandez charged with murder".

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Retroactive updates from 2:46 pm EDT to 2:46 pm EDT

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted "Aaron Hernandez charged with murder and five gun-related charges; pleads not guilty" also tweeted " Aaron Hernandez faces 6 charges: one charge of murder, five gun charges".

Retroactive updates from 2:42 pm EDT to 2:43 pm EDT

NFL Network's Ian R. Rapoport tweeted "Aaron Hernandez faces 6 charges, as disclosed during his arraignment. 5 gun charges, 1 charge of murder". Additionally, DirectTv Sports's Andrew Siciliano tweeted "Aaron Hernandez charged with murder among 6 charges".

Retroactive updates from 2:41 pm EDT to 2:42 pm EDT tweeted "Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder in the death of Odin Lloyd". NFL Network's Ian R. Rapoport also tweeted: The official charge for Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez from the Bristol County DA: Murder.

Retroactive updates from 2:11 pm EDT to 2:41 pm EDT

Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel tweeted "Aaron Hernandez is charged with murder" also tweeted "Right or wrong, there's a huge difference between the way the Ravens treated Ray Lewis in 2000 and the way the Pats treated Aaron Hernandez".