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You'll see all of this expert commentary from both national sports figures and local beat writers organized around the player or team that you're interested in. We also provide you with a list of top tweets which are scored by their newsworthiness and how many times they have been shared. At fancloud you can keep up with the latest breaking news, or quickly get a rundown of all the top news stories from the last hour, four hours, last day, or last week.

Fancloud was built by sports fans for sports fans.

At fancloud we are avid sports fans. We love keeping up with the latest sports news and rumors and it's no coincidence that when we're not working making fancloud better, we're on fancloud reading the news ourselves. Using Fancloud provides us with priority access to injury reports for our fantasy football leagues and NBA trade rumors.

Fancloud is focused on expert news an opinion.

At fancloud we've done the leg work to find over 2,500 national sportswriters and local beat reporters so you have expert commentary on every team in a simple and easy-to-read format. For many of the beat reporters we follow, their only job is to report on a particular team for a local news outlet. They travel with the team, attend practice, and have good relationships with the coaches and players. There is simply no better source for the latest news then

Fancloud is better than the competition.

Today sports journalist are breaking news on twitter before they publish their column and before they do radio or television interviews. Because all tweets are time stamped and searchable, sports writers race to post breaking news on twitter to document that they were first to report the story. This has lead to Twitter becoming the number one source for breaking sports news and what some are calling the the news outlet for the 21st century. By the time the columns have been written on traditional news outlets such as or Yahoo Sports the news is no longer new.

Fancloud enhances twitter by filtering out the noise.

Although twitter is an excellent source for breaking news, it's raw and unfiltered format makes locating the newsworthy comments difficult. On twitter everyone has an equal voice, but at fancloud we don't care what Joe Schmoe from Idaho has to say about a particular rumor (nothing against Idaho or people named Schmoe). We want to know what the experts and the insiders think based on their conversations with the people involved.

The experts we follow tweet over 150,000 times per day, but Fancloud doesn't just blindly follow everything they have to say. We're not interested in what the expert had for breakfast or the back and forth conversation with one of their followers. We want our site to be filled with the highest quality and the most relevant sports news available. Therefore, uses a proprietary algorithm to sort and filter each of these 150,000 comments by sport, team, and player.